Fly Tying Classes begin at Schieling Forest

Wed. 01/10/18 6:00pm to 9:00pm

WEEK 1 - Fly tying classes

The chapter is offering a 6 week fly tying class. This is a great way to either learn the basics, become more advanced and beat the winter blahs by talking tying and fishing! The class will run for 6 weeks starting on Wednesday, January 10. We'll be at Schieling Forest where we have our monthly meetings. The link to Schieling Forest directions is below. Click on the Scheiling Forest link and put your address on the top line and you'll find your way! We'll start tying at 6 and go until 8 or later. The chapter will provide all the materials and we'll have tools to borrow for class use and also for purchase. We can accomodate all levels of tier and this is a great way to have some fun and get new patterns. The cost is $90 for adults, $50 for studetns and $25 for veterans. The link below will bring you to the fly tying page where you can donwload the class information. If you have any questions, email Mike at   and come out and join us!

Schieling Forest directions

Peterborough Fly Tying Information